Jimyko is a new home furnishings studio located in 1919 Monterey Rd., Studio 10, San Jose, California. The company is owned and operated by a local Bay Area family. Jimyko provides fresh and unique home furnishings that attune to today's casual contemporary lifestyles.

Condo-dwellers, first-time home owners, and empty-nesters can explore the grand 15,000 square-foot retail studio and experience the elements that define every room in a home. The company believes that great design should be accessible and affordable. To that end, Jimyko works with talented designers and manufacturers from all over the world who share their passion to create comfortable, contemporary designs that inspire the way people relax and recharge.

Jimyko's showroom features everything from the latest in creative urban designs, to the fresh twists on mid-century modern classics. They know that every home is as unique as its inhabitants, so Jimyko offers an eclectic blend of one-of-a-kind designs and custom order solutions that will fit their customers' needs.

Here are some of Jimyko's products:

Bedroom Furnishings:

Beds: Astrid Bed, Horizon Low Profile Bed , SoHo Panel Bed, Kyoto Leather Bed, Seoul Platform Bed, Tahlia Storage Bed, Seoul Platform Bed, Busan Platform Bed, Beta Platform Bed, Flight Platform Bed, Madrone Platform Bed, Berkeley Bed, Berkeley Storage Bed , Sarah Sleigh Bed, Metro Bedroom, Tully Bed, and Hunter Bed

Dressers & Armoires: Seoul 4 Drawer Dresser, Seoul Low Dresser, Seoul 36" Dresser, Seoul Dresser, Beta Dresser, Berkeley 6 Drawer Dresser, Berkeley 10 Drawer Dresser, Sarah 6 Drawer Dresser, Sarah 10 Drawer Dresser, Metro Dresser, Tully Dresser, Hunter Dresser, Seoul Narrow Chest, Madrone Chest, Berkeley 5 Drawer Chest, Berkeley 7 Drawer Chest, Sarah 5 Drawer Chest, Metro Chest , Metro Portfolio Chest, Tully Chest, Hunter Chest, Metro Armoire , Berkeley Armoire, Sarah Armoire, and Madrone Armoire

Living Room Furnishings: Soprano, Campari Sectional, Blake Loft Bi-Sectional, Jane Loft Bi-Sectional, Spencer Loft Bi-Sectional, Irving Sectional, Lincoln Sectional, Minelli Sectional, Sevilla Sectional, Cordoba Sectional, Rondo Sectional, Adra Sectional, Frida Sectional, Rizzo Sectional, Pax Sectional, Marcy Sectional, Manor Sectional, Maxx Sectional, Torre Sectional, Stockholm Leather Sectional, Eos Sectional, Bodega Sectional, Sparrow Sectional, Canto Sectional, Carter Sectional, Carter Sectional, Tonic Sectional, and Encore Sectional

Dining Room Furnishings: Shin Round Dining Table, Tahlia Dining Table, Asia Dining Table, Bedford Dining Table, Hopkins Dining Table, Hyper Dining Table, Encore Semi-Round Dining Table, Opus Dining Table, Encore Dining Table, Hiro Dining Table, Madrone Dining Table, Madrone Counter Table, Vibe Square Dining Table, Vibe Round Dining Table, Vibe Rectangle Dining Table, Calypso Rectangle Dining Table, Calypso Round Dining Table, Verso Dining Table, Verso Round Dining Table, Verso Square Dining Table, IO Dining Table, Taichi Extension Table, Wave Square Dining Table, and Beacon Dining Table